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      Spoiler 756

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      Das neue Spoilerbild zum aktuellen Kapitel ist erschienen. Rebecca trifft auf Diamante. Damit haben wir wohl endlich die nächste Endkampfpaarung gefunden. Kyros dürfte früher oder später auch noch hinzustoßen. Ich bin jedenfalls auf das Kapitel gespannt und hoffe, dass Oda das Tempo endlich wieder etwas angezogen hat.
      Kapitel 783 - "Du bist im Weg"

      Wadatsumi wants to go with Jinbe Oh and CAVENDISH chapter IMO.

      Leo sees the explosion and wants to go help, but Kyros and Robin advise against it. Even Law, who was also a shichibukai, was beaten to pulp, they would only pull Luffy's leg if they did. They saw Law because Luffy carried him and leaped out of the explosion. He tosses Law towards Robin, and while she was surprised to see his arm cut off, spreads Spider Net and catches him.

      Dofla comes chasing him, and shoots Bullet Strings to try and finish off Law. Luffy attacks him with Hawk Whip, but too late to stop the bullets.
      The bullets rain down on Robin and Law.Cavendish arrives in the nick of time to deflect the bullets and protect Law. Luffy yells to Caven to take the others to safety.
      At first he wants to join Luffy's fight, but Luffy yells out that he's counting on him. Caven can't deny the wishes of his fans! If Strawhat Luffy is to be his fan, he will oblige!He rushes to call for Barto to help evacuate them and Law to safety.

      Meanwhile Leo tries to stitch Law's wounds together and have the princess heal him.
      Dofla tells Luffy to step out of the way, let him end Law's suffering, but Luffy replies he'll have to beat him to get past. Luffy tries to attack with rushes of punches, but Dofla easily dodges and tells Luffy while his punches are fast, they lack the power behind them. He counters with OverHeat, damaging Luffy, while he remembers when he first heart of the Straw Hat Luffy...
      When he heard from Trebol that Crocodile was taken down by a marine Captain, he didn't believe it. Then he saw the increase of Straw Hat Luffy's bounty, and started investigating.Now Luffy has survived the Marineford War and came all the way here to Dressrosa. While he praises the young pirate, he kicks him down through the floor of the castle and the impact reaches even the lower floors. Law regains consciousness, and tells Cavendish to leave him here. He spent 13 years chasing Dofla, he wants to see the end of it himself.
      Law tells him that if Straw Hat loses here, I should die here. I'm the one that dragged Luffy into this...!
      Robin tries to tell Law that the alliance was on equal grounds, and Luffy is here on his own will, but Law is adamant to stay.Cavendish realizes it's impossible to convince him, and sits down next to Law. He tells Robin to take the others to safety.Caven tells Law that he won't hear the wishes of a suicidal man. I will stay, and if you are going to die, it will be after me.

      Luffy attacks Dofla with Grizzly Magnum, but easily countered. Dofla asks Luffy how long are you going to take to kill me? One hour is the time limit until the birdcage is completely closed. In less than half an hour there will be people dying. Elderly and babies will be the first to go. And in 40 minutes you will hear their screams reaching this palace.It's all your fault. If you didn't come here, this nation would be in peace. Luffy denies that claim as a facade. Dofla says he's getting in his way all for heroics, but Luffy returns no, YOU are the one getting in MY way. I won't let anyone die on my watch. Both you and this birdcage of yours is getting in MY way.

      Gear........ Fourth.

      End of chapter, break next issue.

      Nächste Woche pausiert One Piece. Das lässt dann viel Spielraum für Gear 4 zu, welches natürlich ein netter Cliffhanger ist. Der Kampf scheint nun endlich richtig los zu gehen und ich bin neugierig wie genau Gear 4 aussehen wird.
      Das Kapitel hat mir ganz gut gefallen. Vor allem die Anspielung auf die Niederlage von Crocodile, und dass Flamingo es nicht wahrhaben wollte, dass ein Marinesoldat für den Untergang des Ex-Samurai verantwortlich gewesen ist. Dann zählt er zwei und drei zusammen und weiß, dass es der Strohhut war.
      Dennoch ist er weiterhin von sich und seinem Plan überzeugt - obwohl er die Insel nun komplett zerstören will und seine Bande K.O. ist, Kaidou wohl nicht begeistert sein wird, da er so kein SAD mehr produzieren kann... aber alles ist gut xD - und unterschätz den Strohhut. Bin echt gespannt wie es weiter geht.